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Promptology Academy: Learn Prompt Engineering

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Your success is our utmost priority. By limiting the number of learners in each cohort, we ensure that every student gets a tailored and quality learning experience. This personal touch helps solo lawyers like you unlock massive growth potential.

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Each cohort provides invaluable feedback, shaping the curriculum, refining content, and perfecting the prompts. This iterative process is how we keep our course cutting-edge, ensuring that every new cohort is better than the last.


Why is the current cohort full?

To maintain our high-quality standards, we accept a limited number of students in each cohort. This helps keep learning personalized and maximizes the success rate of our students.

How often do new cohorts begin?

We launch new cohorts periodically after incorporating feedback from the previous one. By registering your interest, you’ll be among the first to know when we open up slots!

Is the course really free?

Absolutely! Our goal is to empower solo lawyers with AI-driven marketing strategies without any barriers. Secure your spot now and transform your marketing game!

How can I ensure I get into the next cohort?

By signing up now! Those on our waitlist get priority notifications, increasing your chances of getting into the next available cohort.

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